Ramadan Kareem

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New Features

Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Welcome to the new dubizzle.com. We are excited to introduce some neat improvements we've made to Dubizzle, making it easier for you to use, just in time for our launch in cities of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all of the UAE!

New Design and Features!

Still FREE

Don't worry, it is still FREE to register and sell almost any item for personal use ‪(‪the only cost is that one text message we require from you to activate your account and protect you from spam‪)‪. For the time being, the only paid sections are Property for Sale, and premium accounts in Property for Rent.

Easier to use

We've carefully picked through all the feedback you gave us, kept the elements you loved from the old site, scrapped everything else and started fresh. Below you'll find screenshots of the changes and we'll be giving you a few videos too, introducing the new changes and the best ways to search for bargains on dubizzle.com




Home Page Section Listings Ford Details

Here to serve you

The new dubizzle.com brings you a lot more power to find and research items more specifically, as well as a revamped home page that recommends items based on your relevant interests. We’re constantly working behind the scenes to improving the site by introducing additional features that make your Dubizzle experience that much better. By increasing our resources and conducting our own research and development our goal is to make your Dubizzle experience faster, easier and more useful.

At Dubizzle, our objective has always been to make dubizzle.com your favourite online marketplace, and we'd like to hear from you - what can we do to improve your experience? If you have any comments, feedback, concerns or would like to participate in user research and testing, please contact us.

Dubizzle Arabic

The most exciting feature we’ve added is Arabic support and cross-language posting. Thats right! We speak Arabic now, but you don’t need to in order to advertise in Arabic - we’ll do all the hard work for you! We’ve launched a whole new Arabic design tailored specifically towards our Arabic users.

Dubizzle Arabic is still in a Beta-stage therefore we have temporarily disabled the Discussions, Reviews and Events section from Dubizzle Arabic while we ensure our listings feature works efficiently.

All of Dubizzle’s content has been translated by our Arabic staff, and the only place we use Google Auto-Translation service is for translating the title and description of users’ ads ‪(‪See Google Disclaimer below‪)‪. Our cross-language posting allows users to post ads in their preferred language and have the listing automatically translated to another language, without any effort on your part. There is also an option available to edit the final translation, for your convenience. All ads on the classified section are auto-translated, while ads in the other sections have a simple purple check box option in Step 3 of Place an Ad ‪(‪Image below‪)‪.

Image: The purple translation option at the bottom of Step 3 while Placing an Ad

GOOGLE TRANSLATION DISCLAIMER: “We're constantly working to improve the quality of our translations. Even today's most sophisticated software, however, doesn't approach the fluency of a native speaker or possess the skill of a professional translator. Automatic translation is very difficult, as the meaning of words depends on the context in which they're used. While we are working on the problem, it may be some time before anyone can offer human quality translations. In the interim, we hope you find the service we provide useful for most purposes.” Google Translate Support

We’re confident the auto-translation software works well, but unfortunately there may be occasional slips of tongue, so we’ve provided an option for bilingual users to edit their ads’ translated title and description. To customize your Arabic translation, complete "place your ad" in English, then switch languages to Arabic on the top of the Manage Your Ad page and proceed to edit your ad - you can switch back to English when you’re done.

Reporting Spam/Fraud/Offensive Ads

While we employ the latest technologies to prevent Suspicious, Spam and Fraudulent Ads on Dubizzle, some ads occasionally slip through our stringent screening procedures. In such cases, we rely on our community of users, to take just a few seconds to report such ads to us. The report button looks like a skull and is available on the ad listing pages next to the "Add to Watch List" button, as well as at the bottom of every listing. We strongly encourage you to use this feature as necessary.